7 Tips to Effective Presentations

By | June 19, 2010

In order to make your presentations interesting and useful use the following roadmap and you should have success. It does not matter if you do powerpoint like slides or video or you are conducting a teleseminar, the important thing is that people are listening or watching you and what you have to say. Be careful you do not use all sorts of technology tricks in your presentations. You want people to remember your message versus the medium or delivery.

  1. When you start define and set the expectations for your audience in your Introduction.
  2. Tell them who you are and why they should listen to you and what you have to offer. Give them a brief biography and highlight what you have achieved and how you can help them with their issues.
  3. Immediately build your value proposition in their eyes by telling them what you are going to cover and how you are going to do it.
  4. Present your material at a fairly quick pace so you can be interesting but not tedious or boring. Provide all forms of communication, oral, written and a combination of oral,written and visual. Be direct and avoid all sorts of fancy transitions and tech tricks. They take away and diminish your content
  5. Summarize what you have just presented in point form to reinforce them in your delivery and content
  6. Give them the next step for them to act upon your information. Ask for the order. Tell them exactly what to do. If you want them to go to the back of the room at a live presentation tell them what awaits them and how they can get your product or service now. If they are on the web provide them a simple shopping cart or order button that allows them to order then and now and highlight it with arrows pointing to the desired action button. Thank them for taking action.
  7. Leave them with some parting words that reinforcc the action you are asking them to take and the benefits that will accrue to them upon purchase. Without sounding like a Veg-O-Matic  salesman on TV Infomercials with the “But Wait” paragraph, repeat  the  value  stack of what they will get for taking the action and what bonuses will accrue for fast action.

If you do this and use bullets in your slides or presentation, avoiding long sentences on screen you will entertain, educate  and make sales. If not you could bore your audience and yourself. Be lively and have fun. It will show your expertise and value. 🙂


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