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Win Sales & Influence Spiders- Cat Seda

How to Win Sales & Influence Spiders: Boosting Your Business & Buzz on the Web (Paperback) Catherine Seda A Review by Rob Metras I found this just as promised in the description and believe it to be down-to-earth actionable stuff. Not airy-fairy MBA marketing speak. Catherine has a combination of case studies and practical experience that she provides… Read More »

SEO Tips- Linkbaiting- Great Articles Attract Links-Pt. One

Content is King and Linkbait in the form of compelling content is one of the SEO tools that savvy web entrepreneurs use every day, not as their primary reason but as the offshoot of creating great content. I like to read Mashable everyday because it is generally chock-a-block with timely information on the Social Web. Take for instance… Read More »

Michelle MacPhearson’s Rank Decoding Software

Michelle MacPhearsons’s Rank Coding Software is Free. This tool is a powerful way to enhance and improve on your SEO. It does so by reverse engineering the Google algorithms and using them for good as the boys at Google would say. The software eases your job on SEO by showing you the top high authority,trusted and relevant websites… Read More »

Backupify- Protect Your Assets

One of the things that worries me the most about having my pictures or videos on another site like YouTube,Facebook,or Flicker is I am reliant on another company for my own content and if they go away, or change their terms of service, I am left holding an empty hand. The same goes for written content such as… Read More »