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Mail Early and Mail Often by Automation

I have been fortunate in learning email marketing from some top marketers such as Jimmy D Brown, Marlon Sanders Jeanette Cates,Ray Edwards,Armand Morin and Connie Ragen Green and following the blogs of hyper communicators such as Chris Brogan, Danny Brown, and Guy Kawasaki. The one element that I have discovered as common to all of them is the… Read More »

Keywords Matter

The first thing you should learn, and study intently is Keyword Research if you wish to achieve any recurring results in internet marketing. Keywords are the underpinning and keys to the kingdom in terms of being found on the internet as a marketer selling your own product or as someone who is doing affiliate marketing. All search engines… Read More »

Just Plain Cool- Polar Unlimited: Conversation & Trust

Power Friending is reviewed by ReadItforme Channel on You Tube:Business Book Summaries “To find more out about these Business Book Summaries and ReadItFor.Me Channel go to: Polar Unlimited and visit Steve Cunningham. If you like this idea check out this great offer they have for ReadItFor Me Pro ” I came across the above video in my daily… Read More »

Samurai’s,Dojos and a tubby Australian underachiever.

Wow that is an unusual title for a blog post. It came to me based on some folklore in the Internet Marketing world and some of the best tools I have used since I came online. There are few underachieving nerd tubby guys from Australia out there that have the excellent reputation that one gentleman, who alternatively has… Read More »