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I am a local search marketer and digital marketing agency  in  Cambridge Ontario.

With over 30 years in the marketing business I can help you to improve your marketing spend, increase your visibility, generate more referrals, and give you the training you need to do it all yourself or outsource the items you are not proficient with. Helpouts by Google is the latest offering that The Silent Seller is going to participate in.

What are Helpouts ?

Google Helpouts is an online collaboration service from Google that launched in November 2013 and allows users to share their expertise through live video and provide real-time help from their computers or mobile devices.

People offering help through Helpouts, called ‘providers’, can be large, medium, or small companies as well as individuals. Providers must be a native English speaker and a resident of U.S., Canada, Ireland, U.K., Australia or New Zealand. Providers  like  Cambridgte digital agency the Silent Seller create and maintain listings that explain what they offer, their qualifications, their prices, and their schedules. Every listing has a link to the provider’s Helpouts calendar. Providers must pass Google’s screening process to qualify.

Helpouts handles scheduling based on user availability all by itself.

Once a Helpout is scheduled, it can automatically be added to users’ Google Calendar, and users can also choose whether they wish to be notified through email or SMS.


Let me ask you a few questions ?

Do you have marketing automation processes in place today?

Can you measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts to make sure you improve your Return on Investment?

Do you know what an auto responder is and what it can do for you ?
If you know  answer to these questions you may need more help to fine-tune your results and improve your R.O.I.

If these questions are foreign to you. I think I can help you to establish a marketing program both on the web and off it to generate more business without hiring any more staff or spending money that does not generate the results you need.


Come on over and book your Hangout here and learn local search marketing.

I look forward to you visiting my HelpOut here on Google and getting you better results for your marketing spend in both time and money.

By Robert Metras

Rob is an experienced internet marketer and author. He helps businesses, professionals and organizations to raise their online visibility in local search and get more from their promotions and advertising and free use of search engine products.

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