One thought on “Recording Webinars 101

  1. Piotr Krzyzek

    I slightly disagree with you on what the easiest way to start recording is. GoToWebinar and Camtasia (Studio) are great services (or applications depending on how you see them), though they are rather advanced.

    I think the easiest way for someone to try or start making webinars would be the cheap and easy way out: ScreenToaster (or the like) and youtube. Only reason I say that ScreenToaster is a easier method is that it is all web based and it is a one click deal. Plus it (theoretically) works also in Mac and Linux, which is something that cannot be said of Camtasia (though they do have a Mac version though from what many people on AM2 say it’s not as great).

    Youtube can always be used to host the video for free! Sadly, I don’t think you can make a youtube video private; though it is good for practice 🙂

    Thanks for the ideas on webinars!


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