Are You Making The Most Out Of Online Web Traffic From Other Search Engines?

By | June 6, 2009

One of the things I see lots of Internet Marketers doing is putting their full focus on Google and their search engine rankings, to the exclusion of all other search engines.

Now in your quest for more google web traffic, I am going to suggest you should broaden your horizons and look at other traffic sources.

At first glance this makes sense because Google do have by far the largest market share i.e. more people use Google for finding what they want on the Internet than any other search engine.

However because more people use it, more advertisers are drawn to it and advertise with Google, so this often brings more competition, and more cost to advertise.

Have you ever considered focusing on some of the less prominent search engine? Or at least putting some focus on them?

Yahoo and MSN are two examples of search engines that still get a considerable number of people using them (obviously not to the level Google does) however, it some cases I have researched there is little and if your really lucky no competition for paid advertising with these search engines in particular niches.

That’s right, it is possible to be the only paid advertiser for a given niche. Of course this can change at any time, and people will get savvier about this as the word gets around.

Imagine if you can get your website listed prominently in these search engines result pages, but also advertising your website using their paid advertising!

Now you will obviously want to ensure you’re also using Google, and focusing on getting good rankings in their search engines results, but don’t ignore these other search engines.

One thing I tell people is to try and bring in as much traffic as you can from as many sources as possible.

I mean would you be happy with 1000 visitors to a day when it quite possibly to increase this by 100% or more by using some of the other traffic sources outlined on this website?

You want as many visitors as possible, don’t you. Sure you want them to be targeted and qualified visitors, and not just random people surfing by (unless you have a fantastic product that everyone in the world would want). If you have such a product let me know, I’d probably want to invest in your company!.

It only takes a little vision to stretch your horizons. I tell people to spend some time looking at the larger picture and working out where you want your website to be. Always focus on what your site is or looks like from a visitor’s perspective. Great content that is relevant to the visitor will push up sales in no time at all!

Make sure you look into other search engines, there could be a gold nugget just waiting for you to come along and mine!

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