Article Marketing – Resource Box Tips – It’s Not About You!

By | September 7, 2009

Resource boxes are the “get” for you when you are writing, submitting and using article marketing to meet your marketing ends. The “give” is your article on the subject of interest.

So why do so many marketers write like they are in school writing a book report and telling the teacher who THEY are?

You know the type: John Smith is a dog trainer who lives in Folsom, California, with his wife Amy, and 3 children Zack, Toby and Melissa. He is a dog trainer who has five dogs that he loves and has trained to do tricks.

That is just down right boring and offers nothing to the reader. The reader doesn’t give a hoot about you, your dogs, or your wife and kids. What the reader wants to know simply is: What’s Is In It For Me, that is if the content above it entices him/her to seek more information.

Resource boxes are not just some nice little addenda at the end of an article to say who YOU are. They are the best tool possible to tell the reader what do do next in a logical fashion and give them the reason why to do it.

So let’s think about the example above. It might be better to offer the reader a reason WHY by doing writing the article so that the resource box just flows along with the article and is not just dangling out there at the end.

Last words of the article.” I hope this helps you in your quest to train your dog to do the things you want”…

Then, you would flow your message into your resource box : ” To get your dog to do what you want him to do I invite you to visit ” Your Dog Too” where you can get the e-book “The Trainers Guide to Dog Behaviour” as my free gift to you so you too can enjoy the success I have found. Pretty soon your dog too will be able to do tricks and amaze you and your friends.”

Doesn’t that seem more appealing and provide the answer to the questions your reader had and encourage him/her to click through onto your site with the promise of more, or what is described as “an ethical bribe”?

I would like to answer any questions you have about article marketing. I invite you to visit Article Marketing Questions. Ask your question and I will send you a link for your free audio interview on Article Marketing Secrets which you can listen to at your leisure.

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