Affiliate Payload Reviewed – A Review of Affiliate Payload

By | August 23, 2008

Alex Goad and his team have created a wonderful treasure trove of techniques for you to make money in affiliate marketing. This 277 page product is a blueprint for anyone looking to succeed in developing a six figure income in Affiliate Marketing using simple strategies and techniques.
I have just finished reading this tome myself and have already commenced a few of the techniques. It covers subjects such as CPA (Cost Per Action) tools and techniques for generating good revenue. There are 8 chapters and a directory of the locations you can search on for getting an account on these networks.


Yes I said free money.

You might be tempted to brush this aside. Free money doesn’t exist right? Ok, you actually have to ask for it and fill in a form or two with a valid email address…

If you are over 18 and live in most parts of “the civilized world”, then you can claim hundreds to thousands of dollars from advertisers begging you to take it. Want to skip directly to the big money tactics without using a dime of your own cash? Chapter 1 gives you instructions and a plan.

Need a guaranteed 300$ by the end of the month? This will do it for you… If you’re ever pressed for cash, this method will legally get money in your paypal account within minutes…

Plus, you can set up your own turn table and let others claim their cash through you, paying you hefty commissions.

For now, here’s what you need to know about this first module…

* Enough free traffic for a quiet second income

* Proven to work by countless real people who made thousands

* No Website or technical experience required

* No investment needed

* How to claim free cash from advertisers (and we’ll show you how to setup your own operation to make insane cash doing the same thing, but that’s in another section)

I think this product is of great value and I encourage you to go to
to find out how you can get access to some free money.

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