Adwords Slap on Review Sites- Perry Marshall & Dr. Glenn Livingston

By | July 24, 2009

No surprise to me about the latest Google slap on Adwords sites. The issue is improved user experience as it usually is from Google. If your QS is bad and you do not add immediate value to the reader more than just a flog with affiliate links, it comes to reason that you will not be rewarded. But enough of my comments. I have attached links below from several people in the know that I follow on anything PPC or Google and they have much more wisdom than I.

Here is a link to Perry Marshall’s comments on his blog.. Perry Marshall is the author of The Definitive Guide to Adwords which he co-authored with Bryan Todd.

Perry Marshall

Definitive Gauide To Adwords

Google Slap for Product Review Sites

Perry quotes from Dr Glenn Livingston who besides being one of the true scientists on response and Pay Per Click
Advertising is also President of Rocket

Glenn Livingston PhD.

Glenn Livingston PhD.

Glenn and his wife Sharon are both behavioural scientists and are well worth getting to know or follow.Indeed they provide a plethora of valuable free content for their followers Free Adwords Training

Alex Goad of NetFrontier Marketing (GoogleConquest and many others) went further than Perry’s post did, although Perry’s comments are very important reading. He did a live interview with Glenn and posted it, with other information, on his blog at Glenn Livingston Interview with Alex Goad.

I would be interested in your comments on this issue if it has affected your PayPerClick affiliiate sales.

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