7 Conversion and Revenue Boosters For You

By | June 30, 2010

A lot of marketers leave money on the table and do not use their real estate to maximum advantage.

1. Are you presenting your offer and value proposition clearly. Do not have more than one offer at a time on your landing age. A confused mind does not buy.

2. Is your site navigation geared to the buyer in a way that tells them what’s in it for me? Make sure your copy is geared to the marketing persona(s) that is (are) reading it and that you understand the benefits and solutions that your product provides. It does not matter how pretty your site is, it matters only if it converts. Different types of buyers react differently. Some buyers are looking for reviews or social proof, others

3. Use the data your analytics provides to give you the insights on what works and receives the most interest by your readers and then optimize that area before all other things. Understand it is not what you think, but what your readers think and do and make sure your sales process is driven by data not hunches. Today it is so easy to get great insights for free.

4. Be open to testing your offers and their components on an ongoing basis. This will allow you to boost your revenue and improve your customers experience. Model proven winners and  ideas from companies like Amazon who have it down to a science. Don’t reinvent the wheel but let the customers ideas drive the car. Here is a little tool assistance from conversion expert Bryan Eisenberg

5. Use your thank you page for two purposes. One thank them for their business and trust and two place complimentary ads for your other products or products that you are an affiliate for. This can boost revenue and you can switch out offers to test and optimize.

6. Do not forget to provide crystal clear instructions to your buyer if you are selling digital products and hold their hand, tell them what to do next, making it simple for them to buy, and receive your product.  Always obtain their correct email address and make sure they confirm it as a means of the product delivery. Communicate directly with them highlighting the benefits they will get with your product. Do not let them go  without giving them a special extra bonus that they were not expecting a day or two after they have bought. Continue the conversation with buyers with more content in your autoresponder. This will cut your refunds down and give the buyer more chance to get to know,like and trust you.

7. If you are selling a physical product such as a DVD or Book include a postcard in it where you make another offer and or tell them about an extra bonus such as a free forum membership in your forum or customer community. This can promote customer intimacy and provide you more market research for what your next product will be.

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